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Rising above the storm - Yes we can.

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

These are extraordinary times when the whole world seems to be facing adversity. But this is also an opportunity to exercise faith even more. The name of our company ‘Jireh Hospitality’ is derived from God’s name in the bible, Jehovah Jireh, meaning God the Provider.

We believe that God works hand in hand with us as we plan, make good decisions, sell, provide quality service, being kind to one another, and He will provide for us all that we need. So we need to keep persevering, doing our best whether at home or the hotel, keep our spirits up, and have faith that God will bring us through these times leaner and stronger.

Let us make the most of this time to connect with our families more, build stronger relationships, maybe even restore some relationships. We believe that there will be a restoration of communities and economies throughout the world.

Together with the government and the community, we are combating COVID-19 by putting in place safety measures to be adhered to by all staff members and in-house guests. We have notices around the hotel premises that remind people of these measures.

We believe that as we all work together to be responsible of our actions, we will achieve a great deal of outcome in improving this COVID-19 situation.

Keeping everyone safe & sound - that's our 1st priority & way of life.

Throughout this page, you will find videos as to what our hotel is currently practicing as well as some joyous occasions that we have celebrated.

Celebrating Life @ ACH ( Birthday cheers to our in-house guests )

Brigter days are certainly ahead. Be kind. Stay healthy & strong. Together we can rise above the storm.

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