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Welcome to the Auckland City Hotel. We have your room ready and waiting.
Our space is anything but ordinary - it’s unique, exceptional, and altogether memorable. There are hidden delights and enduring inspiration waiting to be discovered. Your stay with us promises to be an extraordinary experience!


Relax, Recharge, Refresh

Discover a variety of room options at Auckland City Hotel, including standard twin & double rooms, studios with kitchenette, as well as multi-bedroom suites. Ideal for business, leisure, families, and those with accessibility needs, our accommodation offers a personalized touch along with excellent service. 

Auckland City Hotel - Cozy bed with stylish lamp
Auckland City Hotel - Cozy bed with stylish lamp
Vie Bar Lounge Eatery at Auckland City Hotel - Wine cups set for a delightful experience
Vie Bar Lounge Eatery at Auckland City Hotel - Stylish restaurant tables adorned with captivating wall art


Vie bar lounge eatery

Auckland's spot to meet, greet, and chill. Experience relaxed dining, perfect for any occasion. Elevate your Auckland dining experience at Vie.


Artisan Gifts Gallery

Discover unique treasures at Auckland City Hotel's Artisan Gifts Gallery – a curated collection capturing local charm. From bespoke souvenirs to artwork, find the perfect memento for your stay. 

Auckland City Hotel Artisan Gifts Gallery - A showcase of unique and handmade gifts
Artisan Gifts Gallery interior featuring unique handcrafted gifts
Fond(ou) Cafe at Auckland City Hotel - Skilled barista crafting a delicious cup of coffee
Fond(ou) Cafe at Auckland City Hotel - Scenic cafe view with a variety of breads, sandwiches, and aromatic coffee



Discover the charm of Fond(ou) Café at Auckland City Hotel. An ideal spot to grab your morning pick-me-up coffee as well as experience freshly made culinary delights. Join us for a warm, flavorful experience—Fond of you (Fond o'u). 

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